A Tailored Approach for Every Portfolio

Advisory Services


When buying, leasing, financing, developing or selling commercial real estate, we at NIR understand clients’ objectives vary widely — that’s why we tailor the approach we use and the strategy we recommend for each client.

Our level of personalization is accomplished using more than 50 years of combined commercial real estate experience, uniquely diversified skills, and a whole-team approach our professional real estate advisors bring to the table.

Portfolio Strategy

NIR will help you develop a real estate portfolio strategy that meets your investment objectives while maintaining an acceptable risk profile.  Specific portfolio strategy services include:

  • An assessment of current real estate investment holdings
  • A geographic and asset class diversification strategy
  • An analysis of real estate market opportunity
  • The development of a financing/leverage strategy

Acquisition and Disposition

NIR provides acquisition and disposition services to a wide range of real estate property investors throughout the Northeast.  Our commercial real estate professionals provide detailed financial analysis, market research and physical due diligence services that provide valuable insight in negotiating and structuring transactions.

We help current and future clients find the ideal investment property for their precise needs by:

  • Canvassing the market to locate properties suitable to the client’s investment criteria.
  • Analyzing the physical quality, location characteristics and economic prospects of any property.
  • Advising clients on offering price, supported with quantifiable research and weighted for risk tolerance.
  • Negotiating the acquisition of a property and coordinating the closing details expertly and efficiently.
  • Arranging appropriate financing through our extensive network of banks and institutional, non-recourse lenders. As a real estate investment consultant, NIR assists the client with the negotiation of the loan terms and, with the client’s attorney, arranges for preparation and review of the loan documents.

Tax and 1031 Exchange

Real estate investors depend on NIR to navigate the process of the tax-deferred exchange.  Identifying suitable tax-deferred exchange properties is crucial to a successful exchange.  Our property screening and acquisition experience are a major asset in completing tax-deferred exchanges within the allowable time frame.

Our Real Estate Advisors understand that there is more than one way to structure a tax-deferred exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. We work with our clients’ tax professionals to facilitate informed decisions and consider all the critical details.